Let's Get Creepy

Well after 3 months without content I was finally able to get out and film something, which was extremely exciting for me since it was on my new Panasonic GH4. I've been dreaming about owning this camera for like a year now and this was a perfect chance to test it out for the first time. Chad and Susie are two of my best friends and are no stranger to hosting killer parties, and their annual halloween party was sure to be a good time while learning a complicated new piece of gear.

Being the introvert that I've been the last few months, I didn't really have halloween on the mind this year which left me completely unprepared to get into it like I usually do. So I just looked around the house for an hour and found a suit that I never wear to dress up as a "dressed up guy", super lame I know but it's better than being that person who shows up for halloween without any kind of costume. Once suited up I grabbed my GH4, Rode Videomic Pro and Aputure M9, did a couple uneducated tweaks to everything to pretend I know how to work everything and headed out.

As suspected, the party was a killer time had by everyone and provided some cool looking footage for me to check out when I finally got home at 6am. It was my first time using a good microphone, an on-camera light and a camera that can do things that my brain can barely compute, so I was completely figuring everything out on the fly all night and surprisingly came out with some pretty awesome footage. I definitely have a lot to learn still but I definitely know it's capabilities now with the 4k and the slow motion.

Another part of it's capabilities is all the flexibility in editing now. Since I have all these cinematic options in the camera it added a lot more hours to the editing process. Manually doing colour and sound, with the added effects and what not was something new to learn again but I'm stoked on the end result for a first try. I could save myself this headache by using one of the pre programmed setups obviously, but thats like buying a bike and saying "You know, I think I'll just leave this one stock"...Something I will never ever say. I'll be able to streamline it down much faster once I have a few videos under my belt anyways.

Either way I'm pumped to get back to putting out some content and look forward to making a lot more with a whole new look. So be on the lookout for whats to come as I show you my plans for the coming winter.