Right Side Of The Tracks

When it was all said and done he was super stoked on the end result and so was I, I still can’t believe it was my first time when I look at it. I was expecting to be like Johnny virgin on prom night, fumbling his way around a bra strap for 10 minutes before calling in some help. Instead I came in there and popped that thing open like a seasoned veteran, and had her questioning if I even used my hand or if I did it with nothing but the power of my mind.

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Welcome to the new leestuart38.com

Well…it’s been a long time since i’ve made one of these. To be honest I kind of pushed that old site aside to be forgotten about the last couple of years. With the brand starting up, putting all of my time into it, trying to still make videos, then the new print shop on top of that…the last thing that crossed my mind was my personal site. Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to check it out again because I didn’t know if it was still active or not, and to my surprise it was. But then I noticed just how shitty it was lol.

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