Sena Giveaway Winner To Be Picked

A while back I had set up a contest to give away a Sena 20s and Sena Prism to a lucky winner after selling 250 items out of the teespring store. Thank you to the people who have entered and are still entering, and since it's been a while and we're about half way now, I decided to split them up and give away one in my next video. So be sure to watch for that if you've entered, and if you would still like to enter just make a purchase of any item or design in the teespring store and email a screenshot of your receipt to 

Let's Get Creepy

Well after 3 months without content I was finally able to get out and film something, which was extremely exciting for me since it was on my new Panasonic GH4. I've been dreaming about owning this camera for like a year now and this was a perfect chance to test it out for the first time. Chad and Susie are two of my best friends and are no stranger to hosting killer parties, and their annual halloween party was sure to be a good time while learning a complicated new piece of gear.

Being the introvert that I've been the last few months, I didn't really have halloween on the mind this year which left me completely unprepared to get into it like I usually do. So I just looked around the house for an hour and found a suit that I never wear to dress up as a "dressed up guy", super lame I know but it's better than being that person who shows up for halloween without any kind of costume. Once suited up I grabbed my GH4, Rode Videomic Pro and Aputure M9, did a couple uneducated tweaks to everything to pretend I know how to work everything and headed out.

As suspected, the party was a killer time had by everyone and provided some cool looking footage for me to check out when I finally got home at 6am. It was my first time using a good microphone, an on-camera light and a camera that can do things that my brain can barely compute, so I was completely figuring everything out on the fly all night and surprisingly came out with some pretty awesome footage. I definitely have a lot to learn still but I definitely know it's capabilities now with the 4k and the slow motion.

Another part of it's capabilities is all the flexibility in editing now. Since I have all these cinematic options in the camera it added a lot more hours to the editing process. Manually doing colour and sound, with the added effects and what not was something new to learn again but I'm stoked on the end result for a first try. I could save myself this headache by using one of the pre programmed setups obviously, but thats like buying a bike and saying "You know, I think I'll just leave this one stock"...Something I will never ever say. I'll be able to streamline it down much faster once I have a few videos under my belt anyways.

Either way I'm pumped to get back to putting out some content and look forward to making a lot more with a whole new look. So be on the lookout for whats to come as I show you my plans for the coming winter.


New Youtube End Screen Template

Some of you may have noticed the new end screen feature in your youtube video editor. To take full advantage of it, I came up with this free photoshop template with movable elements to plan layouts, backgrounds, video overlays, etc.

These new end cards can be very useful since they work on mobile, unlike the old annotation windows that mobile viewers wouldn't normally see. Build up a cool layout to drop in your video editor to direct people to subscribe, another video or playlist, your website or even another channel during your last 5-20 seconds of video. Click the download link below.

Download the free .psd file here.

First Blog Post! Future Plans and New Videos

Well here we go. I never thought I'd have to write a blog at any point, but with the down time I've had lately I figured it was a good way to keep you guys up to date and answer the crazy amount of questions I get on a daily basis. You've all been super awesome so keep that coming! My goal with this blog is to get more in depth on things like upcoming shows, videos, bike builds, tech talk, rad people, news and whatever else might come across my daily life. So hopefully you guys enjoy and tag along.

So as most of you know, I haven't put out any content in a while. In case you missed the live stream a few weeks back I'll give you the short version of the story. I've been pretty open about my issues with anxiety and panic attacks before so I don't need to get into it too much, but I hit a bit of a rut with that again. Shit happens but I'm taking the steps to figure it out and come back more motivated. Issue number two was some gear difficulties, a problem every content creator has to deal with sometimes and it can throw a wrench into things pretty quick. Sure...I could have just used a GoPro or my phone to get something out there, but I'm always trying to progress my skills on the production side and bring better quality to my content, so I felt like that would have been a step back. I'm all about the quality over quantity, unless we're talking about tacos.

I'm happy to say that the gear problem has been solved finally! Since I needed a new camera to move ahead with how I make videos, I held out for the one I really wanted that will help bring things to the next level. Thanks to clearing out a lot of spare parts, and an even bigger thanks to the people who have been buying merch (seriously, thank you for the support) I have it in my hands now. So without further delay I introduce the Panasonic GH4, which I have now dubbed "The GH4orce". Yeah...Star wars reference.

This camera is the first step on a long road to getting my content on the level that I want it to be. I've been wanting to change the way I make videos for quite a while now, which has been mostly a gear issue holding me back. A lot of really amazing vloggers and filmmakers that I try to learn from will tell you that it's not about the gear, it's about the story. I agree with that to a certain degree, but the other half of me says that I've sat through some pretty terrible stories because they looked good...I think we all have. The gear is necessary for me to tell the story I want to tell because I think things like stunt riding and shop work benefit a lot being shown with some visual creativity, since they're both creative things.

There are a lot of really great creators out there that I watch regularly and love what they do, but I don't watch a vlog and get totally engrossed by it like watching an cinematic movie or documentary. A lot of that has to do with the presentation, video/audio quality, editing, etc and I think that it's time to start bringing a lot more of that to what I make. My plan is to start pushing things in a direction to where it looks and feels like that at some point, because I want to do something unique and give anyone watching the best that I can. This definitely won't be an overnight thing because I have a lot to learn and a lot more tools to add to my arsenal, but I'm really happy to get started on getting there. It's thanks to your support that I'm able to start doing this, anyone watching, sharing, donating or picking up merch helps every step of the way to get there, so thank you! If you want an idea of what kind of end result I'm going for, have a look at my amazon wishlist for the remaining pieces to my ultimate video making setup.

I'm real excited to start making videos again so be ready for some new stuff coming soon, you've all been pretty patient and I swear it won't be much longer. I think that wraps it up for this one but I'll be updating this every week or so, so feel free to drop me a line with any questions or suggestions. Till' next time.